Donnerstag, 9. August 2012

BC 2012

Arrived in Canada about two weeks ago...

Along the highway into the interior

Alex and me are in Kamloops right now and enjoying the summer. Around 35 degrees every day at this time of the year.
Now we know why Kamloops is called "the desert".
Good to know some local people here - they got us around, especially the trip to cabin was a good one...

Quad riding at Shuswap Lake and lots of good food.

To start our journey we needed a proper car - Cherokee is the name of the game this time
and still working well.

The first car (good old shady GMC Silverado) broke down after a few days but we managed to get the money back.

Main goal is riding bikes...To warm up we headed to Sun Peaks Bikepark.
More than 800 metres of elevation and the choice of mellow jumpy tracks or
steep as **** downhill lines are good preparation for the rides to come.

The jump park at the bottom is build for long travel bikes and offers sufficient airtime.
No brake, no pedal and clearing the 10 metres gap is for breakfast.


There are some sick trails and jump lines around Kamloops. The last days we went to one of
the newer ideas of big hang time.
More than ten JUMPS down the hill without any pedaling is what we were going for.

Dry and pretty packed dirt made the whole track fast and we almost overshot a few bigger obstacles.
One of the last jumps is a boosting road gap - Alex came in way too fast, front heavy, threw his bike away and landed on his feet.

This guy is serious!

Luckily nothing major but his knee and ankle got damaged, so hopefully he will be fine again quickly.

More stories and snapshots are coming soon...
Cariboo country is callin'!

Have a good one!

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