Donnerstag, 1. September 2011

Whistler, B.C:

When I started off to Whistler more then a week ago I didn't really plan how long I'm going to stay there.
Everyone knows something about the bike park mostly from pictures or movies but the Whistler area is quite big and there is so much else to do then riding the park.
I was very lucky to meet some nice people there.
This fact besides riding bikes, hanging out, working sometimes and the only thirty minutes drive to
Squamish brought the decision.

Little track a few minutes out of Whistler village...

Ages ago a train to Whistler derailed.
Since then the wagons are moldering widespread in the woods.
Riders and graffiti sprayers made use of them...

"Train Wreck" is an officiall trail which passes the wreck -
one of the nicest trails I've ever seen! More to come...

Squamish, THE town between Vancouver and Whistler has got a big trails network.
You'll find any kind of trail and difficulty!

Squamish forest road drive up:)

Trails all over the place in Squamish!

Chris again and myself took few pictures, more stuff out of the Whistler area is comming soon...
The next days I'm on a short bike park trip to visit Sun Peaks and Silver Star.

Stay tight,

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