Sonntag, 14. Oktober 2012

Summer Randomz

Its getting a little chilly and rainy in BC right now...definitely the right time to post some late summer pictures.
In August the weather was dry and hot all the way through - no comparison to German summers!

Many hours of driving got us to many places in BC - Kootenays, Fernie in the Canadian Rockies, Williams Lake/Cariboo, the Kamloops desert and the good old BC coast.
Riding bikes was the main thing to do but the following pictures gonna show you the places around the trails.
Fransen came over at beginning of September, so I've spent the August with Stefan aka Stevo travelling around and riding bikes.
Unfortunately Alex knee ligaments needed surgery and he had to go home in order to get this done -
best wishes and be back in the saddle soon!

BeFa crew represents

Natural water slide -
coldest water ever!
On top of another Kootenay trail
Some jumps in the sub alpine
We got a pretty nice place to stay

not too bad, eh?!
thx Trent! 
Endless valleys and long shuttles 

Former mining trails became bike trails -
old cabins along the way
Canadians love (bigger) Jumps
This resort offers a small but freakin' fun bikepark!
 No doubt!

Fernie - a town in the Rocky Mountains
Nice sunsets
and scenerie...
But the bikepark is bad for bike and body - be prepared!
nuff said!

Stay tight,
outta here!


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