Dienstag, 22. November 2011

Whistler Summer Randomz

In late summer '11 I've spent some time around this town.
Surrounded by mountains and lakes it offers easy access to adventure and vacation spots.
The following randoms hopefully show you what was happening beside riding bikes...

Most of the 2010 Winter Olympics took place here,
at least the town plaza will remind the visitors.

"Whistler is bear country".
Seen them in the pedestrian zone, next to the bike trails
and even in the garbage container

One of the lakes next to the village

First rope swing

Loggers Lake has got some sicker sh!t

Girls doing some gymnastics

Random guys need random jobs...

"Bungee Trampoline"

Upside down

Was lucky enough to find a cool place to stay, had a wicked time there.
Thx guys!

Barbecue place

Lennart cutting onions

Chris likes "wifi" while sitting in the hot tub

Dirtbag's "office"...

Visited the "Chromag" HQ

At the end of September it was getting cloudier and bit chilly

After the actual bike season was
all over people were waiting for snow and it was time for
the befa crew to start road trippin'...!

Was rad times!



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